Networking Services

Providing multi-vendor support Optech can supply and install a wide range of networking hardware including switches, routers and wireless.

With the uptake of wireless within organisations it is essential to ensure the solution meets you’re requirements. Optech will look at both the wireless proposal as well as the existing network infrastructure to make sure it can handle the increase in traffic. It is essential that a wireless survey is conducted prior to any installation taking place to ensure the correct number of access points and the locations are correct to meet the solutions needs. Optech can undertake this providing a detailed report at the end showing coverage areas.

Edge security such as access protection, RADIUS services, port level security are essential in evolving networks to protect documents and files especially if the company is providing guest access to users.

Boundary security like edge firewall and security services can be sourced from multiple vendors to ensure that the edge of your network is protected from outside attacks while directing traffic to the correct place internally.