Optech IT Services have the benefit of being vendor independent and as such are able to offer advice and professional services to ensure that each implementation is tailored to your individual requirements and is built using systems and platforms that best allow the underlying technology to provide your organisational functions.

The major vendors in virtualisation hypervisors, the underlying platform which allows virtualisation of servers and applications, are VMware with their ESXi and vCenter products and Microsoft with their Hyper-V and System Center products.

The virtualisation of your servers has numerous benefits across your organisation including but not limited to:

  • Reduced server hardware costs – less servers required to run the same workloads
  • Fault Tolerance and High Availability – automatic failover of servers and workloads as well as load balancing across multiple servers
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery – hardware independence, rapid recovery to new hardware and more
  • Environmental and Energy savings – dynamic power profiles and reduced server overheads significantly reduce the overall power and cooling requirements
  • Application isolation – enjoy the flexibility to quickly commision a server to provide a single specific role rather than balancing multi application servers and any conflicts they may bring
  • and more…

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