IT Services

Optech IT Services provides a variable cost support service for customers wishing to have the peace of mind with IT cover without the need for large support contracts. An annual retainer is used to guarantee a response time with on-site time is chargeable at a fixed hourly rate.

We have developed an Online Support Centre where authorised users log into a secure area that contains a history of support calls, network documentation and other associated information.

  •  IT Support services – SLA backed support contracts available
  • Remote IT Support services – minimise cost and response time through remote access support services
  • Customisable support services – up-front payment, pay as you go, scheduled maintenance visits, trackable issue logging, helpdesk services, email/phone/web support contact, scalable service level (Support Contract)
  • Hardware support services – hardware replacement warranty services for computer related equipment, cost effective warranty services for devices past year 3, scalable response options from 4 hours on-site hardware replacement to next day response for diagnosis on-site service.

Service Level Agreement

Read our Service Level Agreement Here

SLA Purpose

  • Support services will be provided on a Service Level Agreement basis.
  • Optech IT services will provide engineering response priority dependant on the scale of the incident communicated to Optech IT upon notification.

The severity scale would be as follows:
Response Times and Call Outs (less than 30 min travel time)

4 hour response (working hours)

  • Issue preventing the continued functioning of a critical system preventing the organisation from conducting business
  • Issue preventing a critical piece of equipment from functioning and preventing whole business operation.
  • Issue preventing a full department from conducting their job

8 hour response (working hours)

  • Issue preventing a small number of users from conducting their job
  • Issue preventing a single person from conducting their job

By arrangement with client

  • Issue preventing a single piece of non-critical hardware from functioning

All efforts will be made to resolve any calls out within a single visit where possible; if subsequent visits or additional parts are required Optech IT Services will contact the assigned representative with an update and the recommended action to resolve the problem.

Optech’s Engineers will require a sign off sheet for all calls to site and the hours will be deducted or invoiced in accordance to the client’s request.

Response Times and Call Outs (more than 30 min travel time)

All reasonable efforts will be made to dispatch a technician to site within the response times and that the SLA times will have the travel time added from our Barrow office to the site location. All other elements are as above with the exception that chargeable time will commence after the first 30mins of travel and that any additional reasonable expenses such as accommodation and subsistence will either be met by the client directly or invoiced accordingly.

Engineering Bundles

  • Engineering bundles have been divided into lots of 40 hours and 10 hours. The client will have their hours deducted in multiples of 20mins for off-site support and 1 hour for on-site support.
  • On completion of the year, any outstanding hours will be carried across if the contract is continued in either its current format or with additional services. Should the contract be reduced or terminated the hours are non-refundable.
  • Any additional hours can be purchased with an additional purchase order and invoiced IAW the payment arrangements stated below.
  • The purchasing of bundles of 40 hours will receive 5 hours free of charge.(Only pay for 35 hours)

ICT Technical Support

  • Technical support will in the first instance be given by means of telephone assistance after a fault is logged via the web portal help desk.
  • Further assistance will be given by means of site visits or remote access if the help desk cannot resolve the issue.